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HubSpot Service Hub: The Best Customer Satisfaction Tool

HubSpot Service Hub: The Best Customer Satisfaction Tool When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Keeping your customers happy should be a main priority if you want to see a substantial amount of growth. The HubSpot Service Hub feature emphasizes customer importance and customer satisfaction. These new tools aim at helping your service teams manage, connect, and better understand your customers.

Happy customers are the secret to your company’s growth and success. There has been a move in customer behavior recently and it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep customers satisfied. With your customers holding all of the power, you have to develop a new approach to customer service and satisfaction

The inbound methodology has always incorporated the customer into its’ framework. However, customers are more important than ever when it comes to your company’s marketing strategy. It’s now essential to include your customer’s voice into the stories your brand is telling. Without that customer voice, it’s going to be harder to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

HubSpot Service Hub: The Best Customer Satisfaction Tool Featured Image Bottom Icon
When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

HubSpot has reinvented the marketing funnel into the customer flywheel. The flywheel centers marketing, sales, and services around the customers:

Customer Flywheel

This flywheel ensures that you are constantly nurturing your customers throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey. The happier your clients are in the flywheel, the faster it spins and the more revenue it generates.

What is the HubSpot Service Hub?

Service Hub is HubSpot’s new customer service software that's completely focused on creating a better experience for your company’s customers. The new tools have been built to help your service teams manage, connect, and truly understand your customers.

The goal is to help your company turn your average customers into active promoters, and therefore, grow through their success.

HubSpot has also created a new inbound service framework to compliment the new tools that the HubSpot Service Hub provides. The inbound service framework consists of three things: engage, guide, and grow. This framework allows you to turn your customers into a growth engine for your company.

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What Tools Does Service Hub Offer?

This new customer service product offers five new tools to help promote happy customers.  Each tool goes hand in hand with the inbound service framework, and sets your company up to engage, guide, and grow with your customer base.

1. Conversations

HubSpot service hub conversations
Conversations is a universal inbox that helps all your teams collaborate on customer support. With this tool you can add all of your communication platforms into this universal inbox.

Customers don’t like being limited to just one form of communication. Companies now have to engage in multi-channel communication, which can be difficult to keep up with. Service Hub’s conversation tool allows you to put all of the channels into one place. This makes it easier for all members of your team to engage with customers.

You can add email and chat to your universal inbox so all members of your company can communicate with your customers from one dashboard. When you respond to a message using the conversations tool, it’ll send a message out from whichever platform the customer used.

HubSpot has built conversations on HubSpot CRM so you can see the context of who you’re talking to and what you’ve learned about them from a marketing, sales, and service standpoint. This creates a single view of the customer you are communicating with.

2. Tickets

HubSpot service hub tickets

With a growing company comes growing customer demand. It’s going to get harder to personalize your approach to communicating with customers.

HubSpot’s tickets feature offers a way to track, order, collaborate, and deliver on your different customer’s needs and expectations. Tickets is another CRM tool turn customer problems into tickets and store them in one common location.

This will make it easier for your team to keep track of different open issues that customers are experiencing. Each ticket can be assigned to a contact so all members of your service team will be able to see which customers have open issues. This ensures that you’re providing the right content and help to customers.

The tickets can also come together to form a ticket board. A ticket board is a new home base for your support teams. Your support team will be able to see exactly what tickets are on the board for each day, which will help them work with customers more quickly and efficiently.

3. Knowledge Base

Hubspot service hub knowledge base

Knowledge base allows you to see the trends in your tickets. Chances are, there are going to similar customer questions that come up repeatedly. Instead of answering the same question several times, knowledge base turns the more common tickets into simple, well-structured articles on your company’s site. These articles help customers help themselves!

If the same question is being repeated then it is more efficient to create a helpful blog post on that topic rather than take the time to individually repeat your answer to each customer. Knowledge Base will make sure that you can quickly create this posts, that your post will rank in search results, and collect insights on how well your article is doing at solving your customers’ issues.

70% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to get new information. Creating a place where your customers to have access to immediate answers on the problems will boost customer satisfaction. Knowledge base will make it easier for your customers to find the answers that they need from the educational content you create from their questions and problems.

4. Customer Feedback

Hubspot service hub customer feedback

This tool will help your service team better understand your customers. You’ll start with a series of customer surveys that you’ll use to gain qualitative and quantitative feedback. Your customer service team should build a plan that consistently surveys customers so you can get an understanding of the common issues customers are having.

Customer feedback provides a few different types of surveys that you can give to your customers.

Types of Surveys:

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS): allows you to see who your most loyal customers are over time
  2. Customer Effort Score (CES): allows you to get information on how easy it is for customers to get support from your company
  3. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): allows you to understand how satisfied customers are during the different points of their customer journey

All of the data from these different surveys can be housed in the customer feedback dashboard. This will ensure that your service team can monitor the incoming data and track any changes within your customer behavior.

With the data that Customer Feedback gathers, your company will start to better understand how happy your customers are and you’ll start to decipher who your biggest promoters are. With this information, you can then use the data to build a customer service campaign.

5. Reporting

HubSpot service hub reporting

Reporting is a new service dashboard where you can see all of your tickets, knowledge base, and customer feedback data. The reporting tool is equipped to measure the success of your customer service efforts with tools that track your knowledge base user data, ticket volume and response time, and the results of your customer feedback surveys.

As your service team works through all of your tickets, you’ll be able to see all of the data organized on the reporting dashboard. You’ll have access to the reports on tickets by source, average response time, current tickets by status, and ticket volume over time.

These reports will give your service team valuable information on their working habits. You’ll be able to track their trends and see what services are working the best.

As you generate more articles from the knowledge base feature, you’re going to start to collect data on them in the dashboard. You’ll be able see reports like views over time and most viewed articles.

You can use the data generated from these reports to optimize your article library. You’ll be able to add on to articles that seem to be the most helpful and alter the articles that aren’t getting many views.

A number of different reports will be generated on the data that you collected using the customer feedback tool. For example, you’ll be able to see reports on NPS over time, feedback overtime, and a feedback breakdown. Seeing these reports on the dashboard everyday will be helpful in checking the overall health of your customers. It will give you a chance to review the data from the reports and take any required actions.

Why Should You Use HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot’s new customer service software emphasizes customer importance and will make it easier for your company to engage, guide, and grow your customer base.

Taking advantage of the customer satisfaction tools HubSpot Service Hub offers should become one of the main priorities of your marketing strategy. Now that the customers have all the control, it is important to keep them happy and give them the tools they need to stay that way.

HubSpot Service Hub will make sure that your company is properly engaging with your customers. You want to match the way your consumers communicate by creating conversations.

Through the data you collect through customer feedback, you’ll be able to alter your approach to how you help customers and what resources you use. You can then use this information to guide your customers towards success.

When you have created a successful customer base, use your customer feedback data to find your top promoters. Then, get those customers involved in customer marketing activities to help grow your business.

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