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Traits of successful
retainer clients




You share our core values to be human.

  • Open collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Preparedness for meetings
  • Professional in communication 
  • Kindness



You are able to commit to a strategic quarterly and annual game plan avoiding shiny objects and knee jerk reactions to switch goals, activities and execution to focus on long term success.



You have leadership, sales and marketing alignment and buy-in. The organization is invested in the partnership.

  • Leadership is able to delegate to a point of contact and  be present for strategic conversations.

  • Sales is open to new tools, improving processes, are enthusiastic about nurturing and closing inbound leads and are willing to share lead quality feedback.

  • Marketing is able to communicate priorities, open to trying new channels, responsive and provides timely feedback.



Our retainer clients have annual revenue ranges from $3 million to $200 million.

  • We have clients on both ends of the spectrum but they have committed to long term growth success. 
  • Minimally looking to double over the course of the next several years.



You prioritize sustainable long-term growth and commit to measurable, realistic, KPI-driven goals. 

  • Your sales data is integrated with HubSpot so we have clear insights into ROI.
  • Committed to long term year over year growth with a minimum commitment of 12 months, with our average clients staying with us 3-5 years or longer and are a part of your team.



You understand that marketing is necessary and valuable beyond lead generation.

  • You are willing and eager to hone your HubSpot skills.
  • You care about maximizing your HubSpot investment by learning and taking advantage of its many sales and marketing tools.
  • All sales and marketing staff agree to take a free course on the HubSpot tools.



You realize the importance of using  HubSpot for full transparency of your pipeline.



You have goals and are willing to have patience and focus to put in the time , energy and investment for long term success not short term quick/ cheap tasks. Organizations who need “leads yesterday” are not a great fit for inbound marketing or our services.


Our clients get that they are the experts of their business but we are the experts in marketing and sales. There is trust in us, our activities and our collaborative strategy. If you need endless reassurance, guarantees or communicative 24/7 updates we have found these clients are not a great fit for our services as inbound cannot deliver results in this environment.


Our clients on average spend $5-$20k/ month. If this range seems like a stretch or a strain on your company then we are not a fit. We will politely decline as we’ve found that there is a certain threshold where inbound success intersects with timeline and budget.


Budget must align to expected capacity. We are not a fit for clients who need unlimited support. If your expectation is that your marketing agency partner should answer calls, emails and questions all hours of the day (and night) we’re probably not a fit. Your budget determines both capacity and length of time to reach results.