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Your customers submit support tickets because they have a problem. The way you process that ticket and treat that customer is what makes or breaks their experience. If your internal ticketing process is fragmented and disorganized, your customers are going to feel it.

We’ll help you use the latest ticketing tools in the HubSpot Service Hub to streamline your ticketing processes and make your customers’ experiences as smooth and delightful as possible.

All your tickets in one dashboard



Log incoming customer issues from chat, forms, and emails as tickets that can be assigned to specific users on your team. Capture customer information and maintain a clean contact record so your support team can easily see the customer’s full history in one place.



Prioritize your tickets so the most pressing problems are resolved first. Each individual support rep can have their own dedicated ticket pipeline so they have a full view of their overall workload.



Easily identify where a ticket is at within your queue and never risk forgetting or missing a ticket again. Monitor key customer service metrics like ticket volume, resolution time, and agent response time.


Build customer support ticket pipelines

Support pipelines can standardize your support processes to set your entire customer support team up for success. By creating a repeatable process, you can scale your customer support as your business grows with minimal disruption to your internal team and customers.

Some examples of different support pipelines might be:

  • Onboarding
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • First time customers vs. returning customers
  • By channel (live chat, email, form submission, etc.)
  • Recurring subscriptions
  • General feedback
  • Returns or exchanges

We’ll help you customize the steps in each of your support pipelines to make the experience as seamless and delightful as possible.


Support Ticket Automation

Automation such as ticket routing, ticket escalation, and task creation can save you valuable time and improve your customers’ experiences. By automating mundane tasks like data entry, your customer service reps will have more time to spend resolving tickets and delighting customers!

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Customize your customer service ticket records

HubSpot includes a number of default ticket properties that can be used to capture important information about your custom inquiries. We can customize your ticket record so the information you need is right at your fingertips. We can also create custom ticket properties that are specific to your business and processes to ensure you have all of the info you need to resolve customer issues.

  • Category
  • Close date
  • Create date
  • First agent response date
  • HubSpot team
  • Last activity date
  • Last contacts date
  • Last customer reply date
  • Last modified date
  • Next activity date
  • Number of times contacted
  • Owner assigned date
  • Pipeline
  • Priority
  • Source
  • Ticket description
  • Ticket id
  • Ticket name
  • Ticket owner
  • Ticket status
  • Time to close
  • Time to first agent reply

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