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How to Find the Right HubSpot Partner Agency?

How to Find the Right HubSpot Partner Agency?

You can find a HubSpot partner agency through HubSpot's directory, but you may need to do some digging. The HubSpot partner directory no longer lets you search based on price range or language, for example. You can also find a HubSpot partner agency through other directories. Use every resource available to find the right agency for you.

You need to find a digital marketing agency to help you generate more leads, sales, and revenue. There are plenty to choose from, but not just any agency will do. If you’re currently using HubSpot, if you just signed up, or if you’re thinking about signing up, you need a certified HubSpot partner agency.

Why HubSpot? In today’s complex business ecosystem, buyers have more control than ever. They’re tuning out old marketing tactics like cold calling and traditional advertising. Inbound marketing is now the best way to engage them -- by letting them come to you instead of interrupting them with messages.

And to do inbound marketing properly, you’ll need HubSpot. HubSpot’s comprehensive platform is a combination of HubSpot’s inbound sales, marketing, and customer service hubs. It even integrates with essential tools like GoToWebinar, Shopify and Google Calendar to name a few, and continues to grow with more integrations in the works (here is the list of integrations partners). It’s easy to use, and it’ll help you and your agency master every piece of your inbound marketing strategy.

How to Find the Right HubSpot Partner Agency?
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Naturally, your first instinct when searching for a HubSpot agency may be to look on the HubSpot Partner Directory. The directory contains drop-down menus to help you find an agency that fits your needs. You can search by industry, service, country, or state, and every agency that’s listed there uses HubSpot.

But if you’ve looked through the directory before, you may notice a few things missing.

Should You Use a marketing Agency or an In-House Marketing Department?

The HubSpot Partner Agency Directory Has Changed

HubSpot recently changed the search options in their agency partner directory. You can no longer search by languages, certifications, price ranges, or partner tiers. There are four tiers: silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each tier represents the total value of the agency’s HubSpot-enabled clients and the value of their active HubSpot accounts within 90 days.

The tiers are a good indicator of the size of the agency and their price range. Higher-tiered agencies tend to have larger monthly retainers than lower-tiered agencies. For example, we see most diamond-tiered agencies generally charging between $7k - $25k and up per month.

You might have to do more digging if your marketing budget is strict. Nonetheless, HubSpot will likely add new filters in the future, so keep a lookout.

How to Find the Right Agency in the New HubSpot Directory

Before you start clicking through the HubSpot partner directory, sit down with your team and decide what type of agency you’re looking for. Do you want a local agency? What is your monthly marketing budget?

Identify some specific goals for your marketing strategy. Is your goal just to increase website traffic, or do you have a specific revenue goal in mind? Think about what services you might need from your agency, too.

If you’re new to inbound marketing or you just aren’t sure, here are some of the services to consider:

Some agencies only offer a few of these services. Others offer all of them and more. If you know what you need ahead of time, it’ll be easier to cross agencies off the list. You can compare these services to the HubSpot certifications agencies have listed in their profiles.


But if you don’t even know where to start, don’t sweat it! Most agencies offer a free consultation in one form or another. Some will even do an assessment of your current marketing and provide suggestions.

You should also consider how involved you want to be with your agency. Some agencies are highly involved in your business and become an extension of your team. They’ll be more active in the development of your strategy and they’ll play a more hands-on approach to your marketing.

Other agencies act more like freelancers. They’ll help you take care of tasks, but they may not be as well-versed in strategy or consulting across both the inbound sales side and the inbound marketing side.

Once you’ve made these decisions, use the HubSpot directory’s filters to find a few agencies that match your specifications. Higher-tiered agencies are always listed first, so keep digging to find an agency that matches your budget.

How to Find a HubSpot Partner Agency Through Other Directories

If you’re having trouble finding the right agency in the HubSpot partner directory, you can search other directories, too. There may be HubSpot partner agencies that you missed. Choosing an agency is an important decision, so don’t hesitate to use every resource available.

Some of the directories you can consider are:

Some directories will let you search by keywords or by specific marketing technologies, which means you can identify agencies that use HubSpot.

Once you’ve found a few agencies you like, look at their websites. Most agencies will display badges to show off their partnerships, such as with HubSpot. This can help you make a better decision.

For example, if you intend to launch a Google AdWords campaign, you’ll probably want a Google AdWords Partner as well.

Finalize your shortlist of HubSpot agencies, then reach out to them to get a consultation, assessment, and proposal!

Should You Use a marketing Agency or an In-House Marketing Department?  

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