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Get Noticed: Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business

Get Noticed: Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business

Get your business noticed online, then these Facebook marketing ideas are a good place to start.

Garnering a solid following on social media platforms can sometimes be tricky business. The great news? It doesn’t have to be. Through a few well-placed, casual clicks, you’ll have a beautifully customized, targeted, and altogether effective page that will get your business noticed on Facebook.

Ready to trick Facebook into becoming your own personal marketing team? Here are the Facebook marketing ideas you need to get started!

Get Noticed: Facebook Marketing Ideas for Business

1. Get Your Business Noticed On Facebook With a Unique Cover Photo

2. Constantly Improve and Curate Your Content

3. Include Ratings and Reviews

4. Improve What Works Through Promotion

1. Get Your Business Noticed On Facebook With a Unique Cover Photo

The cover photo of your business’s Facebook page is like a welcome mat. It’ll either show off your sense of aesthetics, or it’ll be a chintzy first impression. Let’s aim for the first outcome.

The most successful cover photos add something meaningful to the rest of the page. Of particular value are pictures that feature human faces. Plenty of studies have shown the power of a model’s gaze. If you see someone focused on something in the distance, how hard is it to keep yourself from looking at the same thing? Use this to your advantage by making your Like or Message buttons stand out!

2. Constantly Improve and Curate Your Content

Your brand deserves a solid, consistent, and targeted voice from its persona that you create. No list of Facebook marketing ideas would be complete without mentioning the platform's demographics targeting tools. These include your page’s visibility settings, the strength of its profanity filter, and posting abilities.

Generally speaking, a writer’s communication style doesn’t vary wildly over time. Neither should your business’s. Consequently, if you have a team managing your page, ensure they all adhere to a style guide. Give the impression of consistency in post behavior. Gain a basic understanding of Facebook’s post visibility algorithms to go a long way. Furthermore, you’ll want to experiment with posting schedules to find the perfect balance between relevance and novelty in each of your posts.

Post too often, and your content will stack on top of each other. New users will only see the most current content. Post too little, and users may mark you as "inactive" or "irrelevant."

3. Include Ratings and Reviews

Testimonials are arguably the most powerful way to get your business noticed on Facebook, and as such, can be one of the most powerful Facebook marketing ideas. Studies show that referral prospects are 4 times as likely to purchase. They are also significantly more loyal.Use these statistics as an edge for your business! Include recent reviews on your products and services with Facebook's own tools.

4. Improve What Works Through Promotion

In conclusion, if you absolutely love what your company has to offer, then show it off to the world by embracing these Facebook marketing ideas! Interlink your social media accounts — post links to your Facebook on Twitter and LinkedIn, and vice-versa. You can even embed Facebook’s Like feature into your company’s blog or website! While ads and other marketing helps, there’s absolutely no substitute for quality content and enthusiasm.

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