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5 Ways to Dominate LinkedIn Marketing

5 Ways to Dominate LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is a powerful way to market to other businesses. Dominate LinkedIn by making your business page beautiful, targeting your posts, and using LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn is a lot more than an address book of business connections -  it’s one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Not only is it a wonderful place to find and nurture leads for your company, but it’s also one of the best marketing platforms around. Is your business using LinkedIn to its full potential? Here are 5 Ways to Dominate LinkedIn Marketing:

1. Beautify Your Business Page

The biggest indicator that your company is an absolute superpower is how it presents itself. As with any online social media environment, LinkedIn is constantly tweaking its design and optimizing its user experience. Make sure you stay abreast with all the changes, and stay current with online style trends.

You won’t just look flashy; you’ll look informed and active. The last thing you want to do is alienate potential customers by appearing archaic and outmoded in the online arena.

5 Ways to Dominate LinkedIn Marketing
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2. Target Everything You Post

Plenty of companies have trouble with widening their prospect funnel - some haven’t even defined one at all. To dominate LinkedIn marketing, however, you can’t afford not to know your audience. Providing killer content for all to see isn’t enough; you’ve got to know who your company wants to get noticed by. Define every part of your demographic, and set your sights squarely on them.

The next step: engage like crazy! Find what really resonates with your audience, then cook up posts that excite and speak to them.The best part: LinkedIn even has special tools formulated specifically for this kind of engagement. Take a look at becoming a LinkedIn Business customer to find out what they can do to take your marketing up a notch.

3. Prospect and Generate Through the Platform

From a business standpoint, there’s no better social selling tool out there than LinkedIn. The old adage sticks: Birds of a Feather Flock Together. That is, people with similar interests to your business’s niche will tend to congregate around it. All you need to do is give them a reason along with a call-to-action, and you'll dominate LinkedIn marketing.

Make your brand known on relevant LinkedIn Groups, make use of the site’s Showcase pages, and pepper your followers’ feeds with fresh, quality content, delivered daily.

4. Take LinkedIn Ads for a Spin

If you’re getting tons of organic results from your consistent marketing efforts, that’s great! But, who wouldn’t benefit from a little extra help? LinkedIn Ads are a great way to increase your influence with little-to-no extra effort on your part. The extra tools at your disposal will help you to further target your company’s audience, earning you even more listening ears and plenty of conversion-ready prospects.

5. Pay Your Analytics a Visit Every So Often

On your company’s LinkedIn page, you’ll be able to look through your company’s historical performance. Various things like change in followers, engagement, and reach over time are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The more data you have from your past efforts, the further you can perfect your future marketing techniques.

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