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What is a Growth Agency and How Can They Help Your Company?

What is a Growth Agency and How Can They Help Your Company?

Developing a growth marketing mentality can be crucial to the success of your company. Hiring a growth agency will ensure that you get in the growth marketing mindset in order to grow your company. A growth agency isn’t just a team that helps you complete marketing tasks, it’s a partner whose goal is to help your entire company grow.

Inbound marketing has proven to be groundbreaking. Nowadays, customers don’t want marketing to disrupt their daily lives. As a result, inbound marketing agencies have had to expand their offerings to keep up with what companies are demanding.

Producing engaging and educational content isn’t enough anymore, especially in the age of social media. Companies now want a marketing agency that can provide inbound marketing, social media management, content management, web design, and so much more.

A growth agency will prioritize their work based on how it can encourage the growth of your company. Any work done for a company will be centered around growth and expansion. Having a growth marketing mindset, and partnering with a growth agency, will ensure that you’re delivering helpful and engaging content to your customers while also growing every aspect of your business.

What is a Growth Agency and How Can They Help Your Company?
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Growth marketing will help your company grow through the optimization of your content efforts by testing strategies across your different marketing channels. A growth agency can use a growth marketing mindset alongside the inbound methodology to ensure that your company is producing the most engaging and helpful content for your customers.

What Does ‘Growth’ Mean?

Everyone wants to see their company flourish and grow. But what does ‘growth’ actually mean in terms of your business and how do you achieve that growth?

Growth is a mindset. Your company’s execution will determine your growth. Growth is determined through real-time data, user interactions, and testing and analyzing a lot of metrics.

In order to determine how successful your company is you have to take a closer look at the results of your content efforts. How well is your content ranking? How are your customers responding to your content? What can you do to ensure that you’re delivering the best, most high-quality content to your customers?

Constant testing and optimizing across your marketing channels will determine the success of your content efforts, and therefore determine how well your company is growing. Incorporating closed-loop growth strategies into your marketing will help bridge the gap between your marketing and sales team to determine exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Closed-loop marketing relies on data and insights collected from your inbound sales team that is then reported to your inbound marketing team. Your marketing team can then determine the best and worst sources for gathering leads, and then use those metrics to change and alter their marketing strategy.

What Does a Growth Agency Do?

A growth agency will help your company execute closed-loop growth strategies to determine the best way to deliver content to your customers. By incorporating closed-loop growth with inbound marketing, growth agencies will help you center your marketing strategy around growth.

Growth marketing is the center of a Growth Agency. HubSpot’s ‘Business Glossary Terms to Know’ defines growth marketing as “an integrated approach to growing your business and optimizing your content efforts through constant testing across marketing channels.”

The goal of growth marketing is to discover new opportunities for your business and new ways to communicate with customers. A growth agency will help you constantly test and optimize your content efforts to ensure that you’re providing your customers with the most helpful and high quality content.

Growth marketing encompasses all aspects of a company, like marketing, sales, customer service and success. A growth agency can increase communication and collaboration across all departments of your company. In other words, a growth agency doesn’t just run marketing campaigns: they also provide other services to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively.

When you adopt a growth marketing mindset, everyone at your company might be taking on a little bit more responsibility. But you’ll find that uniting everyone under a growth marketing mindset will help grow your company’s overall success.

Why Should You Hire a Growth Agency?

Now that you know what a growth agency does, let’s talk about why you should hire a growth agency. What can a growth agency do for your business?

The obvious goal of hiring a growth agency is to help your business grow. A growth agency will make sure that the growth of your company is at the forefront of your overall marketing and sales strategies.

A growth agency will help each department create individual growth goals and will encourage a growth marketing mentality. Having growth goals for each department will also unite the company under the same mindset. Although the individual goals are different, the outcome of those goals will cause an increase in company growth overall.

Often, it’s executives and high-level employees who are the most concerned with growth. Adopting a growth mindset company-wide will encourage everyone to work toward a common objective. A growth agency will help your company execute on this concept and guide everyone to reaching their goals.

A growth marketing mentality will help you come to an understanding about your overall marketing funnel and how your company can improve and optimize your funnel. A growth agency will provide with the tools and technology you’ll need in order to optimize and improve results.

Growth agency teams are the most qualified to operate the latest growth tools and technologies. They can interpret data, develop a strategy, and improve your results as you continue moving forward.

The Importance of Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality

Developing a growth marketing mentality across departments will help center your company’s overall goals. A growth agency will help you develop that mentality by prioritizing growth every time a piece of content is produced for your customers.

The content a growth agency produces for your company should not only be helpful and engaging for your target audience, but it should also actively grow your target audience and encourage them to become customers.

Every department of your company should center their individual goals around the uniting goal of increasing the growth of your company. Uniting your company under common goals will make it easier to collaborate and communicate across departments.

Hiring a growth agency will help your company understand your marketing funnel (awareness, consideration, decision). Once you’ve come to an understanding of your marketing funnel, you’ll be able to develop a framework for that will optimize and improve your funnel.

A growth agency will help you develop that framework for optimization and will help ensure that your company is always growing.

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