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How Can a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency Help You?

How Can a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency Help You?

A full-service email marketing agency can help you segment your contacts, send targeted messages, and automate your email campaigns for maximum lead flow. They can also help you build incentives to capture more contacts. Email still has the one of the highest reported ROIs of any digital marketing strategy.

Most businesses use email in some form, whether it's for sales purposes or to send out a newsletter. However, a robust email marketing strategy takes time and effort to perfect. Complicated strategies, like email workflows, require access to email marketing software and the skills to use it.

A full-service email marketing agency helps by doing all the legwork involved with creating fully realized email campaigns. They can help you save on production costs and free up your own team so they can focus on selling and delivering quality.

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with clients and promote your business. No digital marketing campaign is complete without it. An email marketing agency integrates with your own processes so you can then track the success of each campaign.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Advertising and promotion can cost a lot of money. Television ads, radio ads, and print space are no longer effective These methods are interruptive and untargeted.

A full-service email marketing agency will use software to efficiently maintain an email list. These programs can organize leads based off several factors, such as how long a lead has been part of your database, what parts of your website they’ve viewed, and their conversion history.

Marketing emails with carefully crafted messages are sent to specific contacts based on this information. Contacts only receive information that pertains to them, which helps legitimize your business and promotes trust between you and your clients. 

How Can a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency Help You?
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How to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing works for many purposes. It could be to contact a new lead or to thank a customer for their purchase. This is a fantastic way to gain new clientele. A simple thank you email to leads who subscribed to your eBook or signed up for a newsletter subscription can go a long way.

Another campaign idea that email is used for is to convince existing customers to purchase something else or get an upgrade. Emails can simply remind existing clients of your business and what you offer. This could entail new opportunities your business is pursuing, coupons for future purchases, or announcements of a new service or product.

Using Email marketing software makes this a time and cost-efficient task that will generate business much faster than other forms of communication.

Because it is so direct, customers prefer to receive communications from businesses via email. All over the streets, on every television channel, and on radio commercials are all kinds of advertisements. These advertisements are very easy to disregard due to the wide-ranging audience it reaches. Email marketing agencies help to create direct ways of reaching a targeted consumer base.

Reaching directly into a customer’s mailbox is much more personal than a television ad that they might see every night. In short, Email offers less noise when trying to reach customers.

How to Get Email Addresses

Email marketing agencies create incentives that help you gain the information needed to run this type of campaign. You need permission to be able to send emails. If you send without permission, you won’t create an image of trust within your relationships.

Businesses need to create a sizable email list that is sorted by customers’ wants and needs before they can then can reach out with relevant information. Simply asking for a website visitor’s email address will not catch anyone’s attention to fill out their information.

Creating incentives for a potential client to give their email are most often free downloads, free eBooks, upcoming events, exclusive offers, and blog posts. Whenever a lead is in the process of furthering their research into your company, you can ask for their information.

A full-service email marketing agency builds these incentives, then focuses on the lead’s website activity. They can then place them on a list based off what they would be interested in receiving. This allows relevant information to be sent out to each contact.

How Effective Is It to Work with a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing agencies can reach out to consumers with personalized, relevant, and dynamic messages. This allows a flow of communication between your business and clientele. A business can automatically email with thank you emails, responses to questions, and helpful content. Emails can reach a substantial number of leads and had a median ROI of 122% in 2016.

Email marketing agencies provide you with creative messages so you can achieve relevance, and create conversion incentives. This allows flexibility by allowing an easy flow of communication on any given day.

Email marketing is also a measurable form of digital marketing. Analytics track information like opens, clicks, send successes, and conversion rates. Any industry can use email marketing as their most proficient way of communicating to consumers. 

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