Sales Support

The Advanced Guide To Sales & Marketing Alignment

Measuring success together & sharing documents, calendars, and tools


Arm your salespeople with tools for success

Our job doesn’t end when a lead is ready to speak to a salesperson. We’ll provide your sales team with the support they need to stay aligned with your marketing efforts and close more deals. Marketing and sales alignment ensures that your salespeople know where their leads originated, what marketing materials they’ve interacted with, how far along they are in their buying cycle, and when marketing automation can help them close the gap.

Our sales services include the following features:

  • Strategic Sales Consulting
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Management
  • Sales PDFs
  • Sales Decks
  • Email Sales Scripts
  • Pricing Sheets
  • Sales Toolkits
  • Leave Behinds
  • Product and Service Collateral
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

We’ll provide your sales team with branded print collateral, sales toolkits, sales decks, and other materials so they can create a smooth transition from sales qualified lead into paying customer. Most importantly, we’ll use multiple lead generation methods to deliver your salespeople qualified leads who are ready to buy. All of our marketing efforts are designed to build trust among your prospects.