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Top 3 HubSpot Workflows Every Business Must Set Up

Top 3 HubSpot Workflows Every Business Must Set Up When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Making sales is the goal of every company. Frictionless sales is the way that great companies are succeeding. What do we mean by frictionless?

We know that every sales manager has the same headache: How do they get their sales team to keep a relationship with their customers? How do they get their sales department to do the administrative tasks that help keep the CRM and sales process organized? Automation can be the aspirin for those headaches.

Most companies who have signed up for and are using HubSpot don’t recognize all the amazing tools that can be used for their sales teams. We know it can be hard to trust automation when personalization is the best way to make that sale. But HubSpot can provide both automation and personalization. This powerful combination will allow you to have frictionless sales.

As we have created many workflows for various clients in many different industries, we are thrilled with the work that HubSpot can do for you and make the sales process effortless. These workflows don’t just help get a sale and move the customer along the buyer's journey. They also will help streamline your organization’s processes so that your sales team can do what they do best: sell (not administration!)

Follow Up Workflows
Sales Process Workflows
Persona Assignment Workflows
Top 3 HubSpot Workflows Every Business Must Set Up Featured Image Bottom Icon
When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Let’s take a look at each of these workflows in depth:


1. Follow Up Workflows


It’s a perfect match! Every landing page needs a follow-up workflow. You’ve done the work to write that eBook or create that infographic. You have a contact us page. But what happens after you capture that potential customer’s information? If your answer is “I don’t know” or “I draft an email to that person” then you are missing out on one of HubSpot’s greatest and easiest automations. 

HubSpot allows you to create automated marketing emails. These can be sent every time someone downloads your eBook or requests a meeting or any engagement activity that happens. You then have the opportunity to share more great content, help answer their questions before they even ask, and build trust. These workflows are natural, well-designed, follow-ups without you doing anything. The emails are automatically sent, spaced out by days or weeks, with as many or as few emails as you want (we recommend 3). 

Better yet, you can set up goals to track how well the emails and the workflows are performing. If there is any specified response, such as clicks or replies, or any specific goal met, that contact is then automatically unenrolled so that you can do a more personal follow-up. It really is a great match of personalization and automation. Don’t miss out on this match made in heaven!


2. Sales Process Workflows


It’s every manager's burden: “How do I get my team to do the administrative tasks to keep our data clean?” Well, the answer is to let HubSpot do it for you. The possibilities are endless. We have experienced many, many different requests from our clients all based on the sales team’s burdens. And each time HubSpot has enabled us to create an invaluable workflow.

Need to automatically assign a potential client to your team and rotate based on interests or even distribution? We got that! Need to follow up after a meeting with an email on the next steps? You bet! Need to move that client to the next deal stage based on accomplished tasks? Sure thing! Need to assign specific tasks to your sales team after a contract is signed? Of course!

Think of any repetitive task and there will most likely be a way to automate it. Every business should be using workflows to accomplish the mundane and get rid of their manager's headaches.


3. Persona Assignment Workflows 


You know your best customers. You know who they are, what they like, how to help them, and more. So instead of trying to sift and sort through your CRM, let HubSpot do the sorting for you. 

A workflow is a perfect tool for identifying and segmenting your best potential clients.

A tool is only as good as you keep it working and as you use it. An unsharpened saw or an unused saw will not cut that piece of wood. The same is true for the persona property in HubSpot. The first step is to get that property properly built. Next, as you have your audience properly identified you can use a workflow to identify and assign personas. Now the real fun begins. Allow a workflow to identify and assign a persona to those already in your database or as their information is collected. Use a workflow for personalized outreach based on each persona. Use if/then branching to move a contact through the buyer’s journey. This tool can help you get so much more done and meet the specific and personalized needs of your contacts.

“Workflows are the oil that keeps your marketing and sales teams running smoothly. They are the basis of frictionless sales.”

Image Shape


These are our top 3 workflows. But don’t let that stop you. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of 50 more:

  1. Persona specificbest hubspot workflows
  2. Industry specific
  3. Lifecycle property update
  4. Contact form nurture
  5. Lead routing to territories
  6. Notify team of deal stages
  7. Notify team of hot leads
  8. Webinar invites
  9. Webinar follow-ups
  10. Gated content nurture
  11. Task assignments
  12. Build dynamic list of missing properties
  13. Pre demo workflow
  14. Post-demo follow-up workflow
  15. Visit trade show booth to nurture
  16. Follow up from meeting at trade show
  17. Follow up on missing meetings for rebooking
  18. Auto send based on lead score a book a meeting workflow
  19. Re-enroll in marketing nurture if they ghosted on a sales call to nurture
  20. Task reminders for calling prospects based on time since last meeting
  21. Reminders for connecting on LinkedIn
  22. Building dynamic lists based on unique criteria
  23. Service or product-specific workflows
  24. Competitor comparison workflows
  25. Automate next steps after an ad action
  26. Enroll someone who closed in the sales pipeline to move into the service pipeline with a workflow
  27. Send NPS survey
  28. Notify the team of NPS survey results and assign follow-up tasks based on the score
  29. Re-engagement workflow for cold leads
  30. Email website visitors based on page interaction
  31. Notify contact owners when their lead is back on the website
  32. Welcome email to new blog subscribers
  33. New client onboarding workflow for tasks and emails
  34. Confirmation emails when content is downloaded, form is submitted, or event registration
  35. Nurture existing customers with educational content
  36. Podcast nurture for increasing listenership
  37. Capitalize contact's first and last name workflow
  38. Remove special characters from phone numbers workflow
  39. Automatically fix .con to .com in email addresses
  40. Merge duplicate contacts with the same phone number
  41. Update company properties based on contact properties
  42. Anniversary or birthday email nurtures
  43. Send direct mail with a workflow
  44. Send text message workflows
  45. Pricing page workflow
  46. Facebook messenger workflow
  47. Build a dynamic list of unengaged contacts to be removed
  48. Sending event follow-up recordings- podcasts, webinars, events
  49. Send onboarding documents to a new team for hiring processes

Workflows are the oil that keeps your marketing and sales teams running smoothly. They are the basis of frictionless sales. Without using them you are missing out on a great advantage that HubSpot offers. We love identifying, brainstorming, and creating these workflows every day for our clients. Automation for your processes and outreach is the best way to do business. Success is only a few workflows away!

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What are HubSpot workflows?

HubSpot workflows are marketing automation tools designed to help you deliver the right content (or trigger/ notifications) to each customer at the right time. Teams that are forced to manually track, nurture, and guide each lead through the marketing funnel face a monumental and time-consuming task.

That’s where HubSpot workflows can step up to the plate with a far easier, more efficient solution to free extra time. Workflows allow you to set up certain automated actions, each with its own set of triggers.

You can manually or automatically assign customers to specific workflows based on anything from their location or job title to their geographic location or funnel level. But workflows go far beyond mere segmentation alone. 

Each workflow can be customized to trigger one of several different actions based on a customer’s behavior. Think of a HubSpot workflow like a classic Choose Your Own Adventure book, where your interactions with each contact are customized according to choices they make along the way.

Workflows can also be incredibly handy for internal use. For instance, you might choose to use them to send notifications to certain team members when a customer takes a specific action or to send out reminders to follow up with a particular set of leads.

How do I organize my HubSpot workflows?

HubSpot makes it easy to keep your workflows nice and tidy by organizing them into different folders. For example, you might create folders dedicated to lead nurturing, product promotions, or internal notification tools.

To create a new folder, select the Automation tab from the dashboard of your HubSpot account. Then click the Workflows option from the drop-down menu.

Select the “Create folder” option in the upper left-hand corner, type in the name of your new folder, and hit Save. Feeling uninspired? Don’t worry, you can change a folder’s name at any time by selecting it and then choosing “Rename folder” from the Actions menu.

Once you’ve created your new folder, check the boxes next to any workflows you’d like to assign to it. When you’re done, select Move and then click the new folder’s name to complete the process.

Need to find a certain workflow fast? HubSpot comes with several easy filter options that can help.

If you know the name of the workflow you need, just type it into the search bar at the top. You can also specify the type of workflows displayed by using filters, such as workflow type, creator, or team.

What are the different types of workflows in HubSpot?

When you navigate to the Automation > Workflows page of your HubSpot account, you’ll be presented with two different options. You can either choose a pre-designed workflow from the template library or create your own using the Start from Scratch option.

The template library makes creating a new template a breeze. Simply choose from options designed to do anything from trigger an email campaign when a customer fills out a form to assign tasks for a new deal.

If you decide to start from scratch, you’ll be redirected to a screen where you’ll be asked to select two things: workflow object and type. On the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll see your object options. Think of these objects as categories that each come with their own set of action triggers.

Luckily, each object category comes with a handy breakdown to help you select which is best for your needs. For instance, you’ll find workflow examples like goal-based objects, which are triggered based on certain goals, or order-based objects which are triggered by orders.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see various workflow type options and their properties. For example, a blank workflow allows you to choose your own actions and triggers, while a scheduled workflow repeats actions on customizable dates.

How to add a workflow in HubSpot?

Whether you choose to start from scratch or use a template to create new workflows in HubSpot, there are a few additional terms you’ll want to understand. Chief among them are enrollment triggers and actions.

Enrollment triggers can be used to automatically enroll a contact in a workflow when they take certain actions, such as filling out an online form or viewing a certain webpage. While templates come with their own pre-assigned sets of triggers, you’ll need to set up your own if you’re building a workflow from scratch. Simply click the telltale button labeled “Set enrollment trigger” to pull up a wide range of customizable options.

Actions, on the other hand, are used to program a workflow to do what you want it to do. To add a new action, click the + plus icon that will appear after you set your enrollment triggers and select an action from the menu. The exact type of actions that will appear on your menu will depend on your subscription.

But in general, you can use actions to do things like send emails, create new tasks, or manage subscriptions. The more familiar you get with your workflow dashboard, the more actions you’ll be able to automate.

If you really want to dive into HubSpot workflows and what they can do, you might even consider signing up for a free lesson from the HubSpot Academy.

How many workflows can you have in HubSpot?

It’s important to note that only certain subscriptions come with the ability to access workflows in HubSpot. These include the Professional and Enterprise versions of HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, Service, or Operations Hubs.

Professional accounts come with 300 workflows for up to 10 teams, while Enterprise accounts offer 1,000 workflows for up to 300 teams. That said, it is possible to purchase a workflow limit increase.

For an extra $200 per month, you can get a monthly boost of up to 100 workflows. While you can purchase multiple workflow limited increases, HubSpot caps the limit at 10,000 workflows for a single account.

Depending on your subscription type, your workflows may also be bound by other limitations. For instance, you can only use up to 250 different enrollment triggers for a single workflow. The good news is that it’s always possible to create multiple workflows if you need more.

Additionally, it’s worth being aware that only workflows customized with the HubSpot workflows tool are counted toward your monthly limit. In other words, things like sequences or automated projects created using other tools like emails or tickets, don’t count.

What is the difference between a sequence and a workflow in HubSpot?

A look through HubSpot’s automation tools may leave you wondering about the difference between a HubSpot workflow vs sequence. One of the key differences is that while HubSpot workflows are geared towards marketing, sequences are tailored for sales teams.

In order to access sequences, you’ll need either a Professional or Enterprise subscription to the HubSpot Sales Hub or Service Hub. Sequences allow you to send a series of customized sales emails from your own connected email address over a certain period of time.

For instance, you might build a sequence geared toward nurturing a lead or sending out appointment reminders- this is triggered from the sales hub. Unlike workflows, which can be programmed to respond to various actions, sequences automatically unenroll a contact once they respond to the email.

You can also use sequences as a way to set reminders for yourself. You can set notifications that remind you to manually complete tasks such as making a phone call or following up on a lead.

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