Zipper Agent

The Challenge:

Zipper Agent is a startup SaaS company that engineered a marketing and task management CRM for real estate agents.When they started, they had a great product, but they hadn’t engaged in marketing.

Zipper Agent felt that their product was more user friendly and that it had broader functionality when compared to their competitors. They had found a way to bring marketing, task management, lead nurturing, and lifelong client engagement together into a single real estate platform. But the real estate CRM market was already saturated with products.

They had a website, but it needed to be redesigned and enhanced with content. It wasn’t optimized for lead generation or search engines and it wasn’t getting much traffic. They were present on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but they didn’t have many connections and they weren’t receiving as much engagement as they wanted.

Zipper Agent needed to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out online. Their goal was to increase awareness for their product, make new connections, book demos and, ultimately, acquire more new subscribers.

The Strategy:

We did an audit of Zipper Agent’s website and their social media presence. We recognized a need for additional web pages, a new homepage, and on-site conversion opportunities. Zipper Agent partnered with Market Veep to get active on multiple marketing channels. Market Veep worked with them from the start to build their digital marketing efforts.


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Through branding strategy and the execution of targeted and successful lead generation campaigns, Market Veep has been instrumental in helping ZipperAgent build an incredible digital marketing machine. Market Veep is a full service organization, and their team is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very data driven as a team, and our marketing spend is always being optimized to maximize return.

They are a true marketing partner and we are continually impressed by their focus on a customer-first approach. No marketing activity is too small or big for them. They are not only experts of SEO and ad campaigns, they bring creative out-of-the-box solutions for solving problems. They provide excellent ideas on how to drive traffic to our web site and increase our social media presence across multiple platforms. I would strongly recommend Market Veep to anyone looking for a true digital marketing partner.

-Depankar Neogi, CEO of ZipperAgent

Depankar Neogi

Website Redesign:

Market Veep helped Zipper Agent build their website from the ground up. We consulted with them to establish design parameters. We then sourced images and created written content for their homepage and their other subsequent pages. We created contact forms, free demonstration buttons, and other conversion opportunities. We made the website attractive, easy to use, and mobile-responsive.


Print Collateral:

We worked with the Zipper Agent team to develop print collateral across a multitude of media including but not limited to VC pitch decks, proposals, tradeshow materials, banners, business cards, sales decks, one pagers, and sell sheets.


Social Media Re-branding and Management:


Market Veep created profiles for Zipper Agent on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We created custom images for the profiles and filled them with content. We worked with Zipper Agent to establish a strategy and a timeline for social posting.

Because Zipper Agent’s primary customers are other businesses, we decided to focus on building connections in LinkedIn. Using the company profile and the profile of CEO Depankar Neogi, we established connections with industry professionals and engaged in active promotion and selling. We promoted their content to LinkedIn groups for increased awareness, traffic to the website and lead conversions. On Twitter and Facebook, we created custom posts that included creating images and posting company content and industry articles to make them a thought leader in their industry.


Ad Management:

We developed a digital ad strategy based on Zipper Agent’s target markets, their ad budget, and our own keyword research. After identifying keywords that would give them the best ROI, we pushed out and maintained their Google Adwords campaign. Targeting included individual real estate agents, teams, and brokerages across the United States. We did this with an increased focus on large metropolitan areas where our market research showed dense populations of high sales volume from real estate agents. The ads directed visitors to unique conversion opportunities based on their buyer personas. We utilized a marketing mix of retargeting, search and display ads to save on budget and drive in the highest level of qualified leads to booking a demo. We also created and managed Facebook ads to drive more traffic from social media. The ads directed visitors to landing pages, eBooks, demos, tradeshow booth, their website, and other conversion opportunities.


Content Creation & Editing:

We worked closely alongside the Zipper Agent team who wrote blog posts and eBooks to host on their website.They relied on Market Veep to proofread, copyedit, design, gate, SEO optimize and promote their content. Content was shared across social media, LinkedIn groups, email campaigns, buyer persona segmented campaigns, and sales workflows.