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Sales Teams

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Helping sales teams close more deals

When sales and marketing are out of alignment, sales teams struggle:

sales priority

71% of companies say closing more deals is their top sales priority.


45% of salespeople say closing deals is getting harder.

About Company

63% of prospects aren’t educated enough about a company when they first speak to a sales rep.*

*HubSpot, 2016/2017

We believe sales and marketing should go hand in hand. That’s why we involve your sales team in the development of your marketing strategy. We’ll dive deep into what makes your customers tick so we know how to speak to them, educate them, qualify them, and pass them along. With the help of your sales team, we’ll create buyer personas: representations of your ideal customers. Buyer personas help us market to the right people and deliver more qualified leads.

Our marketing activities are designed to:

  • Attract more prospects
  • Convert more qualified leads
  • Nurture leads effectively
  • Increase sales efficiency
  • Improve close rates

With Market Veep, your sales team gets access to important metrics, analytics, and lead sorting tools. They’ll always know where their leads are coming from, how they’ve been nurtured, and when they are ready to be contacted.

Marketing that generates demand


Good marketers need to own the top of the funnel so they can deliver qualified leads. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your sales team, and we align ourselves with their goals by supporting them and bringing them opportunities that are ready to talk about purchasing. We’re here to help you overcome your challenges.

Align Sales and Marketing

We rely on the input of your salespeople to learn about your customers’ pain points as well as their motivations and goals. Everything we create, we do with these things in mind. We’ll provide your team with automation and lead segmentation tools so they can track their customers’ lifecycles from point of entry to point of sale.

Get Tools for Effective Sales Meetings

In addition to your upper funnel marketing assets, we can provide your sales team with toolkits to aid them in their work. We’ll create slide decks, one-pagers, leave-behinds, pricing sheets, and other support collateral with consistent designs and brand messaging. We provide all the materials necessary for running a successful sales meeting.

Build Buyer Trust

We want your leads to be ready to talk about purchasing by the time they speak to a salesperson.
We use helpful content and powerful design strategies to build trust from the moment a lead discovers your business.

Follow Up Consistently

We can provide your team with automated workflows for following up with leads so you never miss an opportunity. All of your contacts can be stored in a single location.

How we can help:

  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
  • Autoresponder Emails
  • Strategic Sales Consulting
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Management
  • Sales PDFs
  • Sales Decks
  • Email Sales Scripts
  • Pricing Sheets
  • Sales Toolkits
  • Leave Behinds
  • Product and Service Collateral